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The Raritan PX4 PDU – Technology Transforming -

Intelligent Power Distribution Units


Raritan PX4 So what makes this so different and yes great?

Well Raritan's newest line of intelligent 'fourth gen' power distribution units have been given more features to improve the simple requirements. They now give us the ability to innovate, streamline operations, and maximize energy efficiency, and overall data center efficiency at rack level to the whole system. Data center professionals are constantly looking for the latest technology to outperform expectations and increase efficiency, eliminate downtime and product a great experience to those utilizing the data.

The PX4 Rack PDU is also a cutting-edge solution offering a wide range of features specially designed to help DC professionals gain an competitive advantage.


The need for power, monitoring, & intelligence has never been greater.

The all-new Raritan PX4 Rack PDU doesn’t just solve today’s power needs; it anticipates tomorrow’s power challenges. The PX4 combines 30+ years of battle-tested intelligence with industry-proven outlet technology for unparalleled visibility, flexibility, and security. Experience why the most successful data centers trust Raritan PDUs to power their critical infrastructure.

We have the most popular PX4 models so far based on customer demand but call us with exactly what you need and we will advice the exact or best model to quote.

SELECT YOUR PDU gives you the current popular models or see the Raritan configurator.








Raritan PX4: Specifications and Unique Features

With a range of unique features, we will work with you step-by-step to help you find the right PX4 for you.



The Intersection of Innovation and Proven Performance

The PX4 continues the Raritan legacy of delivering best-in-class intelligence while introducing a new set of industry-proven hardware and outlet technology. This new feature set supports rapid deployment in changing environments while providing high density, flexibility, and reliability to drive operational excellence.


  • HDOT: HighDensity Outlet Technology, provides more space for more outlets.
  • HDOT Cx Outlets: Hybrid C13 and C19 outlets (either C20 or C14)
  • RamLock,  intuitive outlet and power cord locking system
  • 45-Degree Angle, Infeed promotes input power cord accessibility



Breaking Boundaries in Hardware Design & Intelligence

The Raritan PX4 builds on the intelligence and reliability of the Xerus™ Technology Platform by adding a revolutionary combination of new hardware and software technologies. These new features ensure mission-critical uptime, real-time visibility, and alerting of power metrics at the cabinet or outlet level.



  • iX Controller, the center of intelligence of the PX4: computing, display, and connectivity
  • Advanced Power Quality Monitoring allows proactive troubleshoot
  • Total Harmonic Distortion measures your electrical load vs facility’s power
  • Circuit Breaker Trip Forensics determine which outlet and corresponding device cause a circuit breaker to trip



Technology That Transforms Rack Power Distribution

The Raritan PX4 PDU is more than just a rack power distribution unit. It is a unified rack PDU solution that provides forward-thinking tools, sensors, and insights to solve ever-evolving infrastructure challenges. It facilitates power management, environmental monitoring, network security, capacity planning, change management, and much more.



  • The Xerus Technology Platform maximizes data center efficiency
  • Enhanced Security Suite protects your most valuable hardware and network
  • Advanced Custom Engineering, Largest team dedicated to addressing your rack-power requirements




    Raritan no longer release pricing for Power products, almost all PDUs are POA 'Price on Application'.




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