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Enlogic - Metered PDUs 1000 Series

Input Metered PDU includes energy metering with advanced power and environmental monitoring options. Metering at the phase input and internal circuit breaker levels...

Enlogic - Metered / Switched PDUs 2000 Series

Input Metered, Outlet Switched PDU combines energy metering, power and environmental monitoring with remote outlet on/off switching to monitor, protect, and manage the...

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About Enlogic

CIS GLOBAL: Engineering solutions since 1955




Enlogic is a the global technology division of CIS, the world leader in OEM PDU design and manufacturing. Enlogic products include advanced solutions for real world power, environmental and security management problems in data center and IT environments. Enlogic is widely recognized as the industry’s innovation leader for intelligent power and environmental management solutions.

Enlogic introduces the all new, Advantage Series of Power Distribution Units. Our most advanced PDUs bring the security and reliability users have come to expect from Enlogic products, with innovative features to enhance data center management.

Enlogic PDUs’ are packed with user-friendly management features including high accuracy metering, DC power-sharing, IP cascading up to 64 PDUs, environmental sensors, and electronic security handles. The hot-swappable, toolless NMC installation ensures power is always on for every critical DC operation if you need to change or update the NMC. And the patented user-selectable color-coded LED display can be quickly and easily configured to differentiate power sources.

Upgrade your data center today with secure and reliable Enlogic solutions backed by our worry free, 5-year warranty with the Advantage Series of PDUS.


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