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KWX PDU Ranges

KWX PDU's with port switching and Port Monitoring

N4 Series

KWX PDU's with switching and Bar Monitoring 

N3 Series

KWX PDU'S with Outlet Monitoring


N2 Series

KWX PDU'S with Bar Monitoring


N1 Series




KWX PDU Environmental Sensors






POWER Management Software


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Basic PDU's

Non Managed


Temp /Hum

Rack Cooling Fans

Air Input or Output






Custom PDU's


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About PDUeX

PDU eXpert offers an extensive range of PDU products. With IP enable power management based on True RMS Input Current Load (in amps) on each power circuit. This helps Datacenters managers to use these values and make the most of power circuits - remove the estimation of power planning and make best use of Datacenters power management.

A Specialist in Datacentre and Server Room "Power-Management" products. We provide solutions to reduce downtime and improve Datacenter and Server Room power needs.

Their main products include:
PDUeX, KWX and ENVIeX product lines are designed for: Datacentres, Server Rooms, Web hosting facilities, telecommunication companies; the products are tailored to suit small and medium businesses, and branch offices. Offering solutions which can be used for managing servers, routers and other network devices to remote branch offices. PDUeX provide customers with versatile access control methods for easy, quick and reliable and user friendly solutions.


  • Monitored PDU
  • Switched PDU
  • Per Outlets Power Monitoring
  • PDUs for kWh measuring
  • 3Phase PDU
  • NEW: KWX-Basic PDU!
  • Metered PDU
  • specialized PDUs such as ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch's)




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